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A Complete Gift Cards Issuance and Marketing platform, engineered for scale

Issue digital gift cards effortlessly; Trigger gift cards programmatically to eligible users, automagically to increase acquisition and activation of high-value customers at scale.

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Gift Cards are probably the most important incentive marketing tool. Outside large consumer companies, most ecommerce companies struggle to easily launch and market their own gift cards, and manage them effectively. And large consumer companies struggle to administer personalized,c ontextual incentives with gift cards in an automated way.


PoshVine’s Gift Cards Suite solves both and more - a) It helps e-commerce companies issue digital gift cards effortlessly through a simple API integration, b) It helps you access an inventory of hundreds of gift cards and choose and administer them programmatically at multiple stages of your customer lifecycle, and c) It helps you automate and increase sales without the heavy-lifting.

An Omnichannel Gift Cards platform

Incentive Marketing

Retail Brand Services

Gift Card Platform Services

Acquire, retain, activate and incentivise your customers

Influence purchasing decisions at every stage of your marketing funnel. Delight customers with meaningful interactions, incentives that impact, influence & deliver ROI.
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Rapidly issue gift cards, and increase your gift cards sales to businesses and consumers.

Automate gift card issuance, checkout integrations and increase sales on your storefront and also through third party sites / apps, including large consumer banks
Retail Brand Services

Access the leading catalog of eGift cards, with top discounts and automation.

From employee benefits, rewards and recoginition to survey incentives and cashbback programs, one API will unlock multiple possibilities to delight your customers, while managing breakage
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Seamless Integration With Just a Few Lines of Code

API centric plug and play platform, enabling a rapid production-ready integration

Build Your Growth Engine Programmatically

Program conditional incentives to increase conversion rates while reducing CPA

The flexibility you need

Incentives that are individually tailored and instantaneously available.

Generate Operational Efficiencies

One system - all of your program needs. Streamline fulfillment, finance, customer service, design, order process, and user management.

Invest in the future of payment-linked loyalty

Drive engagement and loyalty through personalized, omnichannel experiences.