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Be your customer’s preferred financial institution by providing a personal and engaging primary banking proposition.

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Create an engaging new-to-bank onboarding process

Easily administer relevant and exciting welcome benefits whenever a customer applies and gets approved - from any channel. Set up differential welcome benefits by acquisition source, and give a world-class onboarding experience, within your app.

Did you know?

Less than 40% of banks have an onboarding and welcome program, and those that do mostly use antiquated offline or phone-based methods. .

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Create salience with your customers within the first 100 days.

From administering spend-linked activation benefits to recommending key features that stimulate spends and maximize the account holder’s spending and points earn, set rules and budge your users at the right time with right perks

Did you know?

One of the top reasons why CSAT with mobile banking apps is low is lack of context-based personalization, and lack of relevance of incentives.

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Gamify your user behavior with contextual rewards, and Delight them with attractive redemption options

An advanced data-driven points accrual engine, coupled with thousands of redemption options create loyalty and word-of-mouth among cardholders. Even for bank-wise loyalty initiatives, PoshVine’s Experience Studio delivers state-of-the-art gamification, personalization and a wide range of options to earn and burn reward points.

Did you know?

Sub-optimal redemption catalogs, bad UX, and lack of differentiation are the biggest reasons why most bank / card loyalty programs are never preferred by account holders

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Become your users’ first port of call to maximise savings on regular transactions

PoshVine’s industry-leading Offers Management System ensures an aggregation and personalized showcase of merchant offers, memberships and gift cards from thousands of merchants - based on location, context, card type, occasion, segment, and more.

Did you know?

Banks find it difficult to (and should not) bombard users with discount notifications. Automating relevant offers delivery has been cited as one of the biggest reason to apply for a new card product in the mass household and millennial segments.

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Apart from being a financial concierge, become a lifestyle concierge too

Cut down on affluent banking concierge costs, increase your wealth and premium account holders’ loyalty and salience by offering a 360 degree lifestyle concierge solution - whereby your time-poor affluent users earn peace of mind and stellar experiences

Did you know?

A digital concierge solution improves your average portfolio spends by 19%, reduces your Opex cost by 30% and increases your NPS significantly (based on a dipstick with 8,000+ customers of 12 retail banks)

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Enterprise-grade Security, Privacy, Accessibility.

Our Security and Privacy controls meet the highest standards of public agencies and highly regulated markets. We offer solutions that meet the data protection, security, compliance and accessibility standards of PCI-DSS, PDPA and GDPR regulations, apart from complying with all RBI guidelines.

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